Think Safe, Work Safe and Be Safe on Sunday 10 October - World Mental Health Day

Sunday 10 October is World Mental Health Day and marks the start of National Safe Work Month’s focus on mental health.

Prioritising the management of psychosocial hazards to protect mental health at work is more important than ever. This week for National Safe Work Month, learn  how to create a psychologically healthy and safe workplace.

You can start by:

  • reading our infographic on Managing psychosocial hazards at work  
  • identifying, assessing and managing psychosocial risks at work using the free People at Work online tool
  • participating in National Safe Work Month virtual events and initiatives in your region
  • sharing our National Safe Work Month animations to encourage everyone to participate and make health and safety a priority in the workplace
  • watching Safe Work Australia’s Dianah Brown, talk about psychosocial hazards and prevention of mental health in the workplace at the WorkSafe Tasmania Conference 2021checking out our Mental Health webpage for further information including guidance on managing psychosocial hazards and related topics such as bullying and sexual harassment.

For more information, see Safe Work Australia’s National Safe Work Month website which includes links to support services.

Think safe, work safe and be safe this October to support and build a safe and healthy workplace.