Public Interest Disclosure

The Public Interest Disclosure Act 2013 (the PID Act) promotes accountability and integrity in the Commonwealth public sector, by encouraging the disclosure of information about suspected wrongdoing, supporting and protecting disclosers from adverse consequences and ensuring that public interest disclosures are effectively dealt with.

Under the PID Act, public officials can report concerns about suspected wrongdoing in the Commonwealth public sector.

You are a public official if you:

  • are an employee of Safe Work Australia
  • have ever worked for Safe Work Australia
  • provided a service to Safe Work Australia under a Commonwealth contract.

The PID Act can also apply to other people, in certain circumstances.

Safe Work Australia follows certain procedures for making and dealing with public interest disclosures under the PID Act.

How to make a public interest disclosure

You can make a disclosure by writing to:


Authorised Officer

Public Interest Disclosure

Safe Work Australia 



You can be open or anonymous when making your disclosure.

If you prefer, you can also make a disclosure to the Commonwealth Ombudsman. The Ombudsman may pass on the disclosure to us for investigation.

You can also email for information on making a disclosure, or to request the names and contact details of Safe Work Australia’s Authorised Officers.

What information to include

To assist you and investigate your disclosure, you should include:

  • your contact details, unless you want to remain anonymous
  • as much detail as possible about the alleged wrongdoing, including who did it, when it happened, if anyone else was there, and what else was happening at the time
  • if you responded in any way
  • details of other witnesses
  • any supporting evidence

Please also tell us if you are worried about the issue and how it might affect you.

Further advice

You can also read more about our how we manage disclosures in the Safe Work Australia Procedure for Making and Dealing with Public Interest Disclosures 

The Commonwealth Ombudsman is responsible for the public interest disclosure scheme and has more information for disclosers.