Collecting personal information

We collect personal information like:

  • the names and contact details of people who interact with us,
  • work health and safety issues and workers' compensation claim details, including information about injuries and diseases, individuals' ages and locations, occupation and compensation paid, and
  • information associated with the use of our website.

We collect this information from different sources, including individuals' work health and safety agencies across Australia.

Using and disclosing personal information

We do not usually disclose personal information except to the person it is about, with the person's consent or where we need to for the reason we collected it - such as to respond to an enquiry.

We publish data about work health and safety and workers' compensation on our websites, as part of our functions and activities. We carefully prepare the data before publication to make sure it doesn't disclose personal information. 

You can:

Find out more

To find out more about how we handle personal information, see our:

To make a privacy enquiry or compliant, update your personal information or ask for access to your personal information, you can Email us or write to us at: 

Privacy Officer 

Safe Work Australia 

GPO Box 641 

Canberra ACT 2601 

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