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SWA is an Australian government statutory body established in 2008 to develop national policy relating to WHS and workers’ compensation. 

We are jointly funded by the Commonwealth, state and territory governments through an Intergovernmental Agreement. 

We are an inclusive, tripartite body—we work collaboratively with governments, employers and workers—to drive national policy development on WHS and workers’ compensation matters. We work to: 

  • coordinate and develop national policy and strategies 

  • assist with the implementation of model WHS legislation and reform the legislative framework 

  • carry out and publish research 

  • collect, analyse and report data. 

As a national policy body, we do not regulate WHS laws. The Commonwealth, states and territories retain responsibility for regulating and enforcing WHS laws in their jurisdictions. 

Organisational chart

Chief Executive Officer: Michelle Baxter

Deputy Chief Executive Officer: Amanda Johnston

  • Corporate Services Branch – A/g Branch Manager: Phoebe Morrison
    • People & Governance – A/g Director: Peta Bowden
    • Finance & Business Services – Director: Jason McGuire
    • Communications & Secretariat– Director: Amber Skurr
  • Chemicals, Occupational Hygiene & High Risk Work Policy – Branch Manager: Rebecca Newton
    • Chemicals Policy and Workplace Exposure Standards  Review – Director: Leanne McCauley
    • Occupational Diseases & Hygiene Policy – Director: Sam Hamilton
    • High Risk Work & Industries Policy – Director: Nathan Lee
  • Evidence & Strategic Policy – Branch Manager: Meredith Bryant
    • WHS Strategy – Director: Pam Binnington
    • Data & Research: Injury Fatalities, Surveys – Director: Kyra Hutchison
    • Data & Research: Occupational Injury and Disease – Director: River Paul
  • WHS Framework and Workers' Compensation Policy – Branch Manager: Sarah Costelloe
    • Workers' Compensation Policy – Director: Corey Grandin  
    • Psychosocial & Consultation Policy - Director: Katherine Taylor
    • WHS Framework – Director: Margit Schuller
  • Legal Services – Branch Manager: Leah Edwards
    • Legal – Director: Emma Sloan
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