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We base our statistical reports on data we collect from all states and territories. We also collect details on work-related deaths. 

We base our statistical reports on data we collect from all states and territories. We also collect details on work-related deaths. 

These reports give key insights into: 

  • work-related injuries, diseases and deaths in Australia 

  • workers’ compensation systems and 

  • work health and safety (WHS) compliance and enforcement activities. 

Key work health and safety statistics 

Key work health and safety statistics are an overview of the latest national work-related deaths and workers’ compensation claims, including trends.  

We present data by industry, job, age group and sex. 

The reports include:

Traumatic injury fatalities 

The traumatic injury fatalities report has national statistics on all workers and bystanders who died from work-related injuries.  

This report does not include deaths from occupational diseases nor those that happen while commuting to or from work. 

The reports include:

Australian workers’ compensation statistics reports 

The Australian workers’ compensation statistics report has detailed workers’ compensation statistics and information, including: 

  • information on the causes of work-related injuries and diseases 

  • trends and statistics on time lost from work 

  • compensation paid. 

We present data by industry, job, age group and sex.  

The reports include:

Comparative performance monitoring 

The Comparative performance monitoring reports analyse trends across Australia and New Zealand in work health and safety (WHS) and workers’ compensation scheme performance. It includes:

  • comparisons of serious claim rates and work-related fatalities across jurisdictions 
  • information on WHS compliance and enforcement activities 
  • an overview of industry standardised average premium rates across jurisdictions
  • scenarios of entitlements under different workers’ compensation schemes
  • information on scheme funding arrangements across jurisdictions 
  • information on workers’ compensation disputes.

The reports include:


COVID-19 workers’ compensation claims report 

The COVID-19 workers compensation claims report summarises COVID-19 workers’ compensation claims in Australia.  

It breaks data down into claim type, industry, job, age and jurisdiction. 

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