Launch of National Safe Work Month 2021 – think safe. work safe. be safe.

National Safe Work Month officially starts today! 

think safe. work safe. be safe.

Now is the time to commit to a safe and healthy workplace and ensure your workers are free from physical and psychological harm. 

Safe Work Australia encourages all Australians to make health and safety part of their workplace culture by thinking safe, working safe and being safe

National Safe Work Month aims to reduce workplace injuries, illnesses and fatalities by raising awareness of work health and safety. This year’s campaign puts the spotlight on a range of topical issues for each week of October including mental health, occupational lung diseases and working in weather extremes.  

For week 1, we focus on keeping all workers safe and consider a range of workers and high-risk industries.

See our keeping all workers safe infographics on: 

  • When English is not your first language
  • Workers with non-standard work arrangements or hours
  • Young workers
  • Older workers 
  • The dangers of quadbikes

Download resources

Safe Work Australia’s National Safe Work Month website has resources to help you think, work and be safe. Download our campaign kit to promote National Safe Work Month at your workplace. 

Take part in National Safe Work Month 

There are many ways to take part in National Safe Work Month. You can hold an event at your workplace or attend an online event organised by your state or territory WHS regulator.