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Safe Work Australia is proud to announce the beta release of our new data website,

The new website delivers national work health and safety and workers’ compensation data in an intuitive, user-friendly way.

Please visit the website and fill out the short online questionnaire. Feedback can also be emailed to

We compile and maintain national data sets on WHS and workers’ compensation. You can request access to data and information we haven’t published.

Requesting data

Timeframes for data and information requests depend on complexity and our available resources. If your enquiry is a media request, please contact

If you are a school student, our published statistics have a wide range of data that you can use to draw conclusions. Please note that due to resource constraints and the volume of requests that we receive, we do not respond to individual questions from students.

Our request form makes it easy for you to give us the information we need to consider your request. We work with you to keep you informed of the process, which usually takes at least 10 days depending on the complexity of your request. Some data requests may require further approvals, such as from an ethics committee or state and territory governments. For example, unit record level data requires further approval, which can take some time. Sometimes there may be technical or confidentiality issues that limit what we can provide, or there may be other data available to better suit your needs.

Complete our online data request form 

Timing to assess requests

We assess every request for data on a case-by-case basis. How long it takes to assess your data and information request depend on how complicated or large it is and our resource constraints. We work with you to keep you informed of the process.