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This page helps you calculate and compare work health and safety performance in your organisation with the broader industry

To calculate and benchmark your performance, use the lost time injury frequency rate (LTIFR). The LTIFR is the average number of lost-time injuries in each industry in Australia each year.

Lost time injury frequency rate (LTIFR)

The LTIFR measures the number of lost-time injuries per million hours worked during a single financial year.

It doesn’t matter how serious the injury was, as long as it involved some time off work.

The number of lost-time injuries per hour worked is always a very small number.

Companies can benchmark the occupational health and safety performance of their industry using the LTIFR calculator.

Safe Work Australia benchmarks are based on lost time injuries from workers’ compensation claims, and are likely to be an underestimate of all lost time injuries due to claims not being made for minor injuries.

Please note that Safe Work Australia is currently updating the benchmarks and this will be complete in January 2022.

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What you need to know to calculate your LTIFR

To calculate your LTIFR, you will need to know:

A lost time injury is any injury that results in a fatality, permanent disability or time lost from work.

It could be as little as one day or shift.

You should not include pre-existing conditions that weren’t sustained during the reporting period.

Calculating your LTIFR

The formula to calculate an LTIFR is:

 ( Number of lost time injuries in accounting period )             
------------------------------------------------------- × 1,000,000
 ( Total hours worked in accounting period )    


In 2011, a building construction company had 2 people injured at work. One went to hospital for one week and the other was away for one full day. 

The company employs 375 staff, some of whom work part-time hours. The total hours worked in 2011 for all employees was 700,500.

To calculate the company’s LTIFR:

  • there are 2 people who have lost time from work for one shift or more
  • they worked 700,500 hours over the period
  • use the formula: (2 / 700,500) x 1,000,000
  • this equals a rate of 2.86, which is lower than the building construction industry rate of 5.6.

Number of lost time injuries during the year: 2

Hours worked during the year: 700,500

LTIFR = 2.86

Industry: Building construction (ANZSIC level 1.2)

Industry LTIFR = 5.6 

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