Make health and safety part of your workplace culture

This National Safe Work Month, Safe Work Australia encourages all Australians to make health and safety a central part of their workplace culture by thinking safe, working safe and being safe. 

“I encourage workplaces across Australia to take part in National Safe Work Month and show their ongoing commitment to health and safety at work as we continue to face the challenge of living and working with COVID-19,” said Chief Executive Officer, Michelle Baxter.

“Throughout the pandemic, we’ve seen just how important work health and safety is. All workers have the right to a healthy and safe working environment and no workplace death or injury is acceptable.”

National Safe Work Month in October provides an opportunity to build awareness of work health and safety, encourage discussion about safety at work and share best practice.

This year’s National Safe Work Month theme is think safe. work safe. It highlights different elements of work health and safety risk management, including prevention, hazard identification, and risk elimination and management.

“Australian workplaces have risen to the challenge of working with new and changed work health and safety requirements presented by COVID-19,” said Ms Baxter.   

“Businesses understand that to operate successfully in this changed world, they need to effectively manage and minimise risks to health and safety.”

“Investing in work health and safety benefits everyone, now and into the future. This October, take part in National Safe Work Month and make health and safety a central part of your workplace culture.”

This year’s National Safe Work Month campaign highlights a range of work health and safety topics, including COVID-19, occupational lung disease, sexual harassment, mental health, and working in extreme weather. 

National Safe Work Month is led by Safe Work Australia and supported by initiatives across Australia from Safe Work Australia Members and their representative organisations, including Commonwealth, state and territory work health and safety regulators.

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