Do you work with engineered stone?

If you work with engineered stone, you are at risk of exposure to silica dust. Work processes or tasks that release harmful silica dust into the air include:

  • cutting, grinding and polishing engineered stone
  • cleaning up the workplace, and
  • disposing of waste. 

Implementing the right control measures can eliminate or manage your workers’ exposure to these hazards and protect their lungs. Others at risk could include other tradespeople, visitors to your business, and on-site office staff.

Some of the ways you can manage the risk of silica dust are:

  • substituting engineered stone for one with low or no crystalline silica
  • using designated rooms with restricted access for cutting engineered stone 
  • using local exhaust ventilation, on-tool dust extraction and water suppression, and
  • using appropriate personal protective equipment, including respiratory protective equipment.

Our Clean Air. Clear Lungs campaign website has case studies, information sheets and checklists to help PCBUs who work with engineered stone to identify and manage the risks of exposure to hazards, such as silica, associated with occupational lung diseases. 

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