Think, work and be safe – make sure you have Clean Air. Clear Lungs. at your workplace

Occupational lung diseases are conditions of the respiratory system caused by workplace exposure to dusts, gases, fumes and vapours. 

This week for National Safe Work Month, we’re asking you to think, work and be safe if you work in an industry with a high risk of occupational lung disease. 

It’s important to keep your workers healthy and safe by identifying any hazards and managing the risks that can cause occupational lung disease. 

Investing in work health and safety at your workplace can help protect your workers and prevent them developing occupational lung diseases. 

This week we will be releasing a series of information sheets about different occupational lung diseases which include: 

Many industries are at high risk of occupational lung disease including construction, manufacturing, agriculture, mining and those who work with engineered stone so it is important to understand what hazards may cause occupational lung diseases at your workplace. 

Safe Work Australia has also been running the Clean Air. Clear Lungs. campaign which provides PCBUs with information about how to identify and manage the risks of occupational lung diseases at their workplaces. 

For more information visit: National Safe Work Month or