About National Safe Work Month

About National Safe Work Month

Individuals, their families and the broader community are all impacted by work related injury and illness. Safe Work Australia data shows that around 169 people died while doing their job in 2021 and there were around 130,195 serious workers’ compensation claims made in 2020-21.

There is more we can do, and together we can make a difference.  

This is why, during October each year, we ask businesses, employers and workers across Australia to join National Safe Work Month and commit to building safe and healthy workplaces for all Australians.  

The theme of this year’s campaign is:

For everyone’s safety, work safely.

We will focus on different health and safety topics for each week of National Safe Work Month.


Week 1 (1-8 October)– Working together to manage risks at work

Regular WHS risk assessments will help prevent injuries or fatalities at your workplace.  
In week 1 of National Safe Work Month we review the complete risk assessment process, from identification and assessment of hazards to the selection, implementation and review of control measures. 

Week 2 (9-15 October)– Working together to protect workers’ mental health

Protecting workers’ mental (psychological) health is just as important as protecting their physical health. 
In week 2 of National Safe Work Month, learn how to identify psychosocial hazards and manage the associated risks to protects workers, and organise something at work to acknowledge World Mental Health Day on 10 October. 

Week 3 (16-22 October) – Working together to support all workers 

All workers have the right to be safe at work.  
Factors known to affect workers’ WHS vulnerability include being younger, working alone, being from a culturally and linguistically diverse background or working in a more complex contractual chain (e.g. labour hire).
In week 3 of National Safe Work Month, learn what PCBUs must do to manage risks to the health and safety of vulnerable workers.

Week 4 (23-31 October) – Working together to ensure a safe and healthy workplace

Workers continue to be injured or made unwell by work. Let's keep workers safe and healthy by ensuring WHS is core to how we do business in Australia. 
During the final week of National Safe Work Month, learn about the future of work health and safety, including changing patterns and ways of working as well as the emergence of new forms of work. 

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