National Safe Work Month 2023

This October we will focus on a different health and safety area for each week of National Safe Work Month.

Week 1 (1-8 October)

Working together to manage risks at work

Regular WHS risk assessments will help prevent injuries or fatalities at your workplace.

In week 1 of National Safe Work Month we review the complete risk assessment process, from identification and assessment of hazards to the selection, implementation and review of control measures.

Week 2 (9-15 October)

Working together to protect workers' mental health

Managing psychosocial risks benefits workers, decreases staff turnover and absenteeism and improves organisational performance.


In week 2 of National Safe Work Month we explore Working together to protect workers’ mental health by highlighting how you can identify psychosocial hazards and use WHS control measures to manage the risks. 


Week 3 (16-22 October)

Working together to support all workers

All workers have the right to be safe at work.

When designing safe systems of work, it’s essential to consider the needs of all workers. This includes understanding and addressing the factors that mean some workers may be at higher risk of harm.


Week 4 (23-31 October)

Working together to ensure a safe and healthy workplace

To prevent harm to workers we need to ensure that WHS is core to how we do our business in Australia.

In week 4 we will focus on the future of work health and safety, including changing patterns and ways of working.  

We have a wide range of campaign resources you can use to promote National Safe Work Month in your workplace, including logos and posters. Select from the following to access the best set of resources for you:

By running this campaign, we aim to promote a positive safety culture and to emphasise the importance of preventing accidents and incidents from happening.

By participating in National Safe Work Month, all individuals and organisations can help to prevent workplace injuries and fatalities and create safer, more productive working environments for everyone.

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