National Safe Work Month 2022 starts tomorrow – Know safety, work safely

This National Safe Work Month, Safe Work Australia encourages businesses, employers and workers across Australia to know safety, work safely and make health and safety at work a priority. 
Being healthy and safe at work means being free from physical and psychological harm – no job should be unsafe and everyone can help create a safe workplace. 

National Safe Work Month is an opportunity to build awareness of work health and safety, encourage discussion about safety at work, and ensure everyone is aware of health and safety hazards and how to manage risks to keep workers safe.
This year’s campaign will focus on various work health and safety topics each week: 

Week 1 – Injuries at work
Week 2 – Mental health
Week 3 – Managing WHS risks and preventing harm
Week 4 – Safe and healthy work for all

For week 1, we focus on injuries at work.

Injuries at work can be caused by things such as slips, trips and falls, noise, gases and vapours. 

Whatever industry you work in, workplace hazards must be identified and managed to keep workers safe.

Our injuries at work web page provides practical resources to help you manage common health and safety risks at work. 

For those who experience an injury or illness because of work, workers’ compensation can help. Our workers’ compensation information sheets explain workers’ compensation and how it can help those who are injured at work.

Next week we focus on mental health.  Mental (psychological) health, just like physical health, is an important part of work health and safety. Preventing psychological harm is an essential part of creating a healthy and safe workplace. 

Our dedicated National Safe Work Month website has a range of resources to help you know safety, work safely this October and beyond.