Working together to support all workers this National Safe Work Month

This National Safe Work Month, individuals and organisations are encouraged to put work health and safety front and centre through the theme for everyone’s safety, work safely.

All workers have the right to be safe at work. When designing safe systems of work, it’s essential to consider the needs of all workers. This includes understanding and addressing the factors that mean some workers may be at higher risk of harm.

Being younger, having a culturally and linguistically diverse background, working in a more complex contractual chain, such as a labour hire arrangement, working alone or in an isolated location, or returning to work after an injury or illness can make workers more vulnerable to harm.

By working together, we can make work safe for everyone. To learn more about how to keep all workers safe and download resources, go to our National Safe Work Month Week 3 web page.

During National Safe Work Month, take the time to discuss how WHS risks can affect workers differently, so we can work towards safe and healthy workplaces every day of the year. Go to our SafeTea web page for further information and resources to help you host the perfect #SafeTea chat.