Know safety, work safely – Safe and healthy work for all

This week for National Safe Work Month we focus on safe and healthy work for all with the publication of a ground-breaking new report that highlights the economic benefits of keeping people safe at work. 

Safer, healthier, wealthier: The economic value of reducing work-related injuries and illnesses uses an innovative modelling approach to estimate how much value could be created within the Australian economy by removing work-related injury and illness. 

While there has been significant progress towards reducing both the frequency and severity of work-related injuries and illnesses in Australia, people continue to be injured at work. Workplace injuries and illnesses are not only devastating for workers, their families and the broader community, they also impose a significant cost to the Australian economy. 

The report shows that each year, in the absence of work-related injuries and illnesses:

  • Australia’s economy would be $28.6 billion larger
  • 185,500 additional full-time equivalent jobs would be created, and
  • workers across all occupations and skill levels would benefit from an average wage rise of 1.3%.

This week, we will showcase key insights and findings from the report, illustrating the significant whole-of-community benefits that can be realised by keeping people safe and healthy at work. 

The dedicated National Safe Work Month website has a range of resources to help you know safety, work safely during October and beyond.