Working together to create a safe and healthy workplace this National Safe Work Month

In week 4 of National Safe Work Month, we are exploring how to work together to create safe and healthy workplaces.

Unfortunately, workers continue to be injured at work, sometimes fatally. To prevent harm we must ensure that WHS is core to how we do our business in Australia.

This week will focus on the future of work health and safety, including changing patterns and ways of working as well as the emergence of new forms of work. Against a backdrop of shifting economic, social and environmental trends, the right to a safe and healthy workplace remains a constant. This means that WHS needs to adapt to ensure that workers aren’t put at risk when these changes impact the workplace. 

  • Putting WHS first with AI and automation
  • Managing WHS risks in the green economy
  • WHS and hybrid work
  • WHS Strategy 2023-2033

Making WHS core to how we do business in Australia is key to ensuring safe and healthy workplaces in the face of change. This National Safe Work Month, make WHS conversations the norm in your workplace and play your part in future proofing WHS for all.