Updated preliminary fatalities data now available

Safe Work Australia has redesigned the preliminary fatalities dashboard to enable new insights into fatal injuries, and has released the first preliminary fatalities data for 2024.

The preliminary fatalities dashboard shows the latest estimate of workers fatally injured in Australian workplaces. The dashboard provides data on the number of deaths that have occurred by industry and now includes a breakdown of data by mechanism. There is also now a 5-year average displayed to support comparisons over time.

Key findings from the preliminary 2023 data:

  • There were 173 preliminary worker fatalities.
  • 75 of these fatalities were due to the mechanism ‘vehicle accident’.
  • 64% (111) of these fatalities occurred in 3 of the 19 industries:
    • transport, postal and warehousing
    • construction
    • agriculture, forestry and fishing.

Data for 2024 on the preliminary fatalities dashboard is updated fortnightly on the Our Data. Your Stories website. Preliminary data is routinely updated as more information about fatalities in Australia are known. The total number of work-related fatalities may be higher once data are finalised for a given year.

Check out the preliminary fatalities dashboard.