Protecting food delivery workers to make every ride a safe ride

All workers have the right to a healthy and safe working environment.

Since 2019, tragically 10 food delivery workers have died at work. This is devastating for workers, their friends and families and the broader community. 

To address this, Safe Work Australia has developed an awareness campaign to increase food delivery workers’ knowledge of work health and safety and help make every ride a safe ride. 

The Deliver yourself home safely campaign is essential for anyone who works in food delivery. It will help ensure they are aware of how to work safely and, how to deliver themselves home safely at the end of every shift. 

The campaign website houses a suite of practical information and key contact details for food delivery workers on things like work health and safety risks and hazards, rights and duties, what food delivery workers can do to keep safe, dealing with abuse and extreme weather conditions. 

As many food delivery workers are from culturally and linguistically diverse communities, the campaign is fully translated into Mandarin, Punjabi, Nepali, Hindi, Urdu and Vietnamese as well as English.

Go to the website and share the resources to promote the Deliver yourself home safely campaign.


Quotes attributable to Michelle Baxter, Chief Executive Officer, Safe Work Australia

“All workers, regardless of the work they do or how they are engaged have a right to a healthy and safe working environment. This includes food delivery workers who encounter a range of hazards in their jobs that pose risks to both physical and psychological safety.

“It’s important food delivery workers understand what they can do to be safe at work, as well as who they can talk to about work health and safety, so they can get home safely. 

“They are, after all, the most valuable package.”