New interactive WHS tool for the construction industry

Safe Work Australia has created a new online tool to help the construction industry understand and meet their work health and safety (WHS) duties under the model WHS laws.

The interactive Know Your Duties tool provides information about duties for PCBUs and workers, how to meet these duties, common hazards and how to manage risks in construction.

There is information on duties relating to incident reporting, emergency plans, first aid, personal protection equipment, labour hire and safe design.

The tool also provides information on common WHS hazards in construction, including outdoor work, working at heights, scaffolding, electrical work, and demolition work.

Explore Know Your Duties - a tool for working safely in the construction industry.

The tool is also available for the agriculture industry.

For WHS information for other industries, please see our industry and business information.

Please contact your WHS regulator for information about how WHS laws apply in your workplace.