New data dashboard and report- Comparative Performance Monitoring

Juridictional Comparison table dashboard with Safe work australian logo


Safe Work Australia has published the 25th Comparative Performance Monitoring report and a new Jurisdictional comparison dashboard on the Safe Work Australia data website– Our data. Your stories.


What is the Comparative Performance Monitoring (CPM) report?

The CPM report provides the latest trend analysis on WHS and workers’ compensation schemes operating in Australia and New Zealand.

CPM data includes WHS performance, compliance and enforcement activities as well as workers' compensation premium funding rations and disputes..


The report complements the Comparison of workers’ compensation arrangements in Australia and New Zealand report and other Agency Data.


What are the key findings?

CPM key metrics: In 2021-22, WHS authorities across Australia issued 47,711 WHS breach notices and undertook 265,469 workplace interventions as well as finalised 301 legal proceedings, resulting in over $26 million in fines ordered by the court.
CPM key metrics part 2: over the past 5 years, the Australian standardised average workers' compensation premium rate was 1.34% of payroll. The proportion of claims with disputes in 2021-22 has dropped to 4.1%.


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The new dashboard presents the data from the CPM report in an interactive format, enabling further analysis and the discovery of key insights.