Manage WHS risks and prevent harm at your workplace

It’s week 3 of National Safe Work Month and this week is about managing WHS Risks and preventing harm at workplaces. 

Managing WHS risks means thinking about how things could go wrong at your workplace and what the consequences could be for your workers or other people. 
You must first eliminate the WHS risks as much as you reasonably can. If you can’t eliminate a risk, you must minimise the risk to workers as much as is reasonably practicable. 

You can minimise risks by implementing a range of control measures. A control measure could be isolating your workers from a hazard such as toxic fumes or gases or substituting an unsafe work method for a less hazardous work practice.

You must consult with your workers, their representatives and other duty holders throughout this process. You can consult in a way that suits your business, your workers and the type of health and safety risks in your workplace.

This week we’ll be looking at a range of subjects to help you understand how to manage WHS risks including: 

  • A step-by-step guide to managing WHS risks
  • Applying a risk management process to COVID-19
  • Consultation duties
  • How to consult with workers
  • Health and Safety Representatives
  • Infographic – PPE for food delivery riders.

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