Elevating Work Platforms

Safe Work Australia has developed guidance for managing the risks of elevating work platforms (EWPs). 

Working with elevating work platforms (EWPs) can be dangerous. Identifying hazards with EWPs is the first step in managing risk.

EWPs can cause serious injury. Following your work health and safety (WHS) duties will help you keep workers and other people safe. 

Elevating work platforms (EWP) can be dangerous to work with. Operators of some EWPs need to have a high risk work licence.  

Schedule 3 of the model WHS Regulations sets out high risk work licences and classes of high risk work. 

Working with and around elevating work platforms (EWPs) can be dangerous. EWPs need regular inspection, maintenance and testing to be safe to use.

A preventative inspection, maintenance and testing program helps to ensure an elevating work platform (EWP)&n