EWPs are mobile platforms that lift or lower people and equipment from a base support using a: 

  • hinged device 

  • articulated device 

  • combination of hinged and articulated devices. 

Types of elevating work platforms 

There are various types of EWP, including: 

  • scissor lifts 

  • self-propelled boom lifts 

  • trailer or vehicle mounted lifts 

  • telehandlers with elevating work platform attachments. 

Training and licences for elevating work platforms 

Workers need a high risk work licence to operate a boom-type EWP, where the length of the boom is 11 m or more. 

You must see their licence (or written evidence) before you let them do this work. 

For other types of EWPs, you must still make sure the workers operating them know how to operate them safely with the right training, information and instruction. 

Safe work method statements 

Construction work that uses an EWP is likely to be defined as high risk construction work. That means you’ll need to: 

The SWMS should clearly state your control measures for any hazard that may arise from the use of an EWP – for example, crush, overturning and collision risks. 

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