WHS duties

Everyone in the workplace has WHS duties under the model WHS Act.  

You have specific duties if you are: 

  • a person conducting a business or undertaking (PCBU) 

  • a principal contractor 

  • a designer, manufacturer, importer, supplier and installer of plant, substances or structures 

  • an officer. 

The model WHS Regulations have duties that apply to the use of EWPs. This includes managing risks of powered mobile plant, falls from height and falling objects.  

As a PCBU, you must, so far as is reasonably practicable:  

  • ensure the health and safety of workers and others at your workplace  

  • consult with workers who carry out work for the business or undertaking and who are (or are likely to be) directly affected by a health and safety matter, and 

  • consult cooperate and coordinate activities with all other relevant duty holders. 

You must eliminate or minimise risks associated with using EWPs, so far as is reasonably practicable. 

WHS duties to workers 

As PCBU, you must look after the health and safety of workers.  

Ensure they have the right information, instruction, and supervision for: 

  • the nature of the work 

  • the nature of the risks 

  • the control measures at your workplace. 

If there is more than one type of EWP on site, workers should be trained for all types. Otherwise, workers should only use the type of EWP they’re trained to use.  

Identify operator controls 

Different EWP models and brands can have very different controls. Using them incorrectly can lead to serious injury. 

You must identify the operator controls on EWPs to show their: 

  • nature 

  • function, and 

  • direction of operation. 

Other people with WHS duties 

Other people with specific WHS duties relating to EWPs include: 

  • EWP designers, manufacturers, importers and suppliers 

  • the EWP owner 

  • people who manage or control the EWP or the workplace where the EWP will operate 

  • the competent person who inspects the EWP 

  • the EWP operator. 

The Model Code of Practice: Managing the risks of plant in the workplace has further guidance. 

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