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This year's theme

The theme for this October’s National Safe Work Month is 'Be a Safety Champion'.

This year’s theme demonstrates that anyone, both employers and workers from any occupation or industry can be a champion for work health and safety. 

Everyone can support a safety culture at their workplace and promote best practice work health and safety initiatives.

We can all strive to Be a Safety Champion at work this October.

Use the campaign kit

Here are a range of campaign materials to help you take part in this year’s National Safe Work Month. Show how you are a safety champion at your workplace and promote and foster a positive work health and safety culture.

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Campaign posters | Use the campaign posters and raise awareness of National Safe Work Month in your workplace.

Editable posters

Editable posters | Customise these posters to suit your unique workplace and raise awareness of National Safe Work Month.


Use these branded flyers to raise awareness of National Safe Work Month in your workplace.

Information Sheets

Use these information sheets to find out how you can Be a Safety Champion in your workplace.

Digital display graphics

Use these digital display graphics to raise awareness of National Safe Work Month on your website and in your emails.

Digital brand kit

Promote the Be a Safety Champion campaign by using our digital brand kit



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