• As a PCBU, you have a responsibility to ensure machinery in the workplace are safe to use and operate. You must ensure that a competent person, such as an engineer, performs crane inspections and tests cranes.

This includes: 

  • Regular inspection and testing on items of plant 
  • Major inspection on registrable mobile cranes and tower cranes 
  • Inspection and testing required for plant item re-registration. 

Inspection and testing must use: 

  • The manufacturer’s instructions
  • A competent person’s specifications, according to relevant technical standards and engineering principles (if manufacturer’s instructions are not available) 

More information on crane inspection and maintenance is in the Guide to inspecting and maintaining cranes.  

Planning for emergencies with cranes

As a PCBU, you must ensure you have an emergency plan in place. This includes an emergency plan for cranes. You must test the plan in the workplace and include:

  • Effective response evacuation. 
  • Notifying emergency services, with their phone numbers highlighted and easy to find. 
  • Medical treatment. 

More information can be found in the Model Code of Practice: Tower Cranes

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Model Code of Practice

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    The WHS regulator in your state or territory can provide practical advice, resources and tools to help you be safe when working in construction. They can also let you know which WHS laws apply to you.