Safe design

Peter, Liz and Wes will provide practical strategies to designing out hazards and explore work health and safety and productivity improvements that result from good design of machinery. 

This sample form may help you manage cash-in-transit security risks at your workplace. 

This form is part of a series which includes: 

Safe design is an important step in making sure a product is without risks to health and safety. Find out ways to design buildings, structures and plant with minimal or no risk. 

Designing a product using safe design practices saves lives. It also reduces costs to businesses and the community. Find out how to use the methods and 5 principles of safe design. 

As a major employer in Australia, small businesses must look after the health and safety of their workers. Small businesses have work health and safety (WHS) duties and most are required to have wo

As a person conducting a business or undertaking (PCBU), you have a duty to consider safe design in a workplace. 

Use this guide to manage risks with split rims. You should use this general guide if your workplace:

This information sheet provides information on managing risks associated with steel erection work including:  

  • who has responsibilities at the design and planning stage? 

Use this guide to manage the risks of machinery, vehicles and other types of plant used in rural workplaces. 

The guide includes information on: 

This information sheet provides information about managing the risks of using quad bikes in rural workplaces, including: 

  • determining farm vehicle needs