Designing safe machinery

Peter Dunphy from SafeWork NSW, Dr Liz Bluff from the Australian National University, and Wes Wilkinson of Work Systems Technology discuss the importance of eliminating hazards and risks from machinery before it enters the workplace. 

Peter, Liz and Wes will provide practical strategies to designing out hazards and explore work health and safety and productivity improvements that result from good design of machinery. 

Panellists will field questions from in-studio and online audiences. Contribute to the conversation by: 

  • using the hashtag #virtualWHS on social media, or 

  • submitting questions and comments using the text entry field, which will become available on bottom right-hand side of your screen when this session begins broadcasting. 

Who is this presentation for? 

Designers and manufacturers of machinery and organisations that use machinery. 

About the presenter 

Peter Dunphy is Executive Director of the Work Health and Safety Division with SafeWork NSW. Peter has over 20 years’ experience in the control of work health and safety hazards

Dr Liz Bluff is a Research Fellow at the National Research Centre for OHS Regulation in the Regulatory Institutions Network at the Australian National University. Liz is the author of Safe Design and Construction of Machinery: Regulation, Practice and Performance. 

Wes Wilkinson is Principal of Work Systems Technology. Wes is a qualified mechanical engineer, risk manager an human factors (ergonomics) specialist and has extensive experience in working on design solutions. 

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