Manifest requirements for hazardous chemicals

What is a hazardous chemical manifest? 

If you are a person conducting a business or undertaking, you must prepare and maintain a hazardous chemicals manifest if the quantity of hazardous chemicals used, handled or stored at your workplace exceeds the manifest quantity.  

The manifest is a written summary with information about your workplace and the hazardous chemicals you have. The manifest is a different document to your hazardous chemicals register. 

It helps emergency services if there’s an incident in your workplace. It must also include the: 

  • quantity, classification and location of hazardous chemicals in the workplace 

  • site plans 

  • emergency contact details. 

You can find more information about the information required in hazardous chemical manifests in Schedule 12 to the model WHS Regulations.   

South Australia has a separate dangerous substances licencing scheme. If you are located in South Australia please contact SafeWork SA

Manifest threshold quantity 

You need a manifest if the amount of a hazardous chemical in your workplace is over the manifest threshold quantity specified in Schedule 11 to the model WHS Regulations. 

You must also give written notice to your local WHS regulator if hazardous chemicals that are or will be used, handled or stored at your workplace exceed the manifest threshold quantity.  

Making a hazardous chemicals manifest 

You can use our hazardous chemicals manifest template to prepare one. You should also check with your WHS regulator for other requirements specific to your state or territory.  

You must check it regularly and keep it up to date. 

Where to keep your manifest 

You must keep the manifest at an agreed on the location with local emergency services. 

It must be visible on your site plan and always available to emergency service workers.

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