Explosives regulation reform

Current status of explosive regulations in Australia 

Each state, territory and the Commonwealth regulate explosives in their local areas. 

In 2018, work health and safety (WHS) ministers agreed in principle to consider making regulations nationally consistent. 

Who explosives regulation reform is for 

These changes will affect people who work with explosives in Australia, including if you import or export, manufacture, transport, store, supply or use explosives. 

How reforms will affect regulation 

In 2017, we finished national policies and example provisions in 4 key areas of explosives legislation: 

  • The definition of explosives. 

  • The licensing framework. 

  • Notification processes. 

  • The explosives authorisation process. 

Each jurisdiction is responsible for putting these reforms in place.  

To find out about how reforms affect your area, contact your WHS regulator

How explosives regulation reform started 

In 2012, the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) agreed on making explosives regulation nationally consistent. 

WHS Ministers asked us to do this work. We formed the Strategic Issues Group on Explosives (SIG-Explosives). The group included people from the Commonwealth, state and territory governments, industry and worker organisations. 

In October 2016, WHS ministers agreed to move ahead with reforms by conducting the Explosives Regulation in Australia: Decision Regulation Impact Statement

In 2017, our Members agreed to move forward with the policies and example provisions in the 4 reform areas and put them to WHS ministers to consider.