This guide provides information on managing the risks with scaffolds and scaffolding at the workplace.  

This guide is supported by specific guidance material for: 

Use this guide for information on scaffold maintenance and inspection, including information on certification that a scaffold is safe to use 

These guide provide information on managing the risks of working with industrial lift trucks:  

This information sheet provides information about managing the risks of operating powered forklifts in the workplace. 

This information sheet is about managing the risks of vehicle loading cranes in the workplace. 

his document is part of a series which includes: 

This information sheet provides information about managing the risks of using powered mobile plant as a crane. 

Using other powered mobile plant as a crane information sheet 

This guide provides information on  managing the risks of quick hitches for earthmoving machinery. 

Supporting Information

his guide is part of a series including: 

This guide provides information on managing the risks associated with tower cranes. 

This guide is part of a series including: 

  • General guide for cranes 

Use this guide to manage the risks of using mobile

This Guide provides information on inspecting, testing, maintaining and repairing cranes.