Safety rules for using power tools

Nick, a leading hand carpenter, knows first-hand the risks that can arise when using power tools and appliances. 

About this seminar

Power tools and appliances are essential in the everyday work of Australian tradies. Using them can be second nature to many, however incorrect use due to inadequate training, poor tool performance or even a minor distraction can result in serious injury.

In this video, Nick describes an effective way to avoid a mishap – to run a quick mental checklist before handling the equipment. This includes ensuring that the power tool has a current safety tag, the machine or appliance you’re using is in perfect working order, and that you’re rid of all distractions including your phone.

Finally, if you’re not 100 per cent confident using a tool or an appliance, stop working and see your supervisor or a safety manager. It could mean the difference between getting home safely and a serious injury.

Who is this seminar for?

This video is helpful to tradies in the construction and building industry and workers who regularly use power tools and/or appliances as part of their workduties. It will also be useful for certain business owners, supervisors and safety managers who need to ensure that workers have received adequate training to use each power tool.

About the presenters 

Nick is a leading hand carpenter in the construction industry.

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