Model Code of Practice: Hazardous manual tasks


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This model Code of Practice provides guidance on: 

  • identifying hazardous manual tasks 
  • assessing the risks that may contribute to a musculoskeletal disorder 
  • eliminating or minimising those risks. 

Most jobs involve manual tasks, such as lifting, pushing, pulling or carrying. Manual tasks can be hazardous, so you must assess and manage the risks.  

Use this model Code if you: 

  • are a person who conducts a business or undertaking (PCBU) 
  • design, manufacture, import or supply workplace equipment or tools 
  • design workplaces where manual tasks are carried out.  

In this model Code, the word:  

  • ‘should’ indicates a recommended course of action, and  
  • ‘may’ means an optional course of action. 

The words ‘must’, ‘requires’ or ‘mandatory’ mean that the courses of action are compulsory. 

Check with your regulator to find out if this Code of Practice has legal effect in your jurisdiction. 

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