Working on a construction site

Construction induction training card (white card) 

Workers must show their white card to the PCBU on the site and any inspectors who ask to see it. To get a white card, a worker must do the training course 'Prepare to work safely in the construction industry'. This is also known as ‘white card’ training. For information about training courses, visit 

White cards are recognised Australia-wide. 

Your local WHS Regulator has more information about getting a white card for workers. 

Principal contractor 

Each construction project must have a principal contractor. 

There can only be one principal contractor for a construction project at any one time.  

A principal contractor is a PCBU. The PCBU who commissions a construction project is the principal contractor for that project, unless they engage another PCBU to be the principal contractor for the duration of the project. If you engage someone else to be the principal contractor for your project, you must: 

  • authorise the nominated person to manage or control the workplace 

  • discharge your duties as the principal contractor 

Chapter 1 of the model Code of Practice: Construction work has detailed information on how to discharge principal contractor duties.