WHS duties

Under the model WHS Regulations, you must eliminate or minimise the risk of your workers getting work-related hearing loss.  

You must also identify and manage risks of noise. 

Protecting workers from noise 

The model WHS Regulations says you must: 

  • identify noise hazards 

  • conduct noise assessments 

  • use suitable control measures, and 

  • provide personal protective equipment to workers. 

You must also provide audiometric testing for workers who you require to frequently wear personal hearing protection for their work.  

Audiometric testing 

In audiometric testing, the tester plays a series of tones and the listener shows whether they heard them. 

It’s a simple procedure, and you must provide it to your workers who often use personal hearing protectors to protect them from noise: 

  • within 3 months of them starting work, and 

  • at least every 2 years 

For a list of audiometric testing providers, contact your local WHS regulator.