Workplace violence is not ok – keeping emergency departments safe

Each day in Australia, hospital staff are exposed to serious physical and psychological risks.

This video discusses occupational violence in emergency departments, and environmental and work design solutions that ensure the health and safety of workers.

About this seminar 

In this video, registered nurse Tiffany Plummer, Secretary of the NSW Health Services Union Gerard Hayes, and Petrice Wallis from WorkSafe Victoria, discuss the wicked problem of occupational violence in emergency departments. They examine the environmental and work design solutions that ensure health workers can get on with their jobs safely.

Who is this seminar for?

This video is of interest to national, state and local public health and law enforcement policy makers; workers in the first responders and health industries; families of first responders; and those training or studying in first responders or health industries.

About the presenters

Tiffany Plummer, registered nurse, has worked at St Vincent’s Hospital for 27 years and now coordinates the hospital’s aggression prevention program. She also trains employees in aggression prevention and management and investigates series incidents.

Petrice Wallace from WorkSafe Victoria has a background in physiotherapy and extensive experience in delivering workplace health and safety strategy and policy across both private and public sectors.

Gerard Hayes from the Health Services Union NSW has had 30 years of experience with the NSW health system. He was originally an intensive care paramedic and has presided over high-profile campaigns focussing on the safety of health and hospital workers.

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