Farm safe, live safe

Farm manager Matthew Sherwood talks about the work health and safety challenges of managing a farm and his reasons for being safe. 

Working on a farm presents various work health and safety hazards, including working alone or in remote locations, working with large animals and chemical exposure. 

In this video, Matthew Sherwood shows us around his 1,300 acre sheep and cattle farm in Goulburn, NSW, providing a unique insight into the work health and safety issues he deals with on a daily basis. 

Matthew also outlines the precautions he takes to maintain a healthy and safe workplace so that he can return home safety to his family each day. 

Who is this seminar for? 

This video is primarily intended for farm owners, managers, workers and anyone interested in the agriculture industry. It may also be valuable for communities and businesses who engage with farmers. 

About the presenter 

Matthew Sherwood is a farm manager in Goulburn, NSW. 

This video was produced by Safe Work Australia and is one of a series that focuses on work health and safety in specific industries. 

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