Health monitoring for toluene


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This guide helps doctors monitor the health of workers exposed to toluene.  

Toluene (CAS 108-88-3) is a colourless, highly flammable and volatile liquid that smells like benzene. It can be in the air of a workroom as vapour.  

Toluene is: 

  • a monocyclic aromatic hydrocarbon which results from refining crude oil for gasoline and other fuels 

  • used to boost octane in gasoline and often substitutes for benzene. 

You can find toluene in cleaning agents, rubber, detergents, dyes, glues and pharmaceuticals. 

Examples of work with toluene includes:  

  • making paints, inks, lacquers, paint thinners, adhesives and fingernail polish 

  • tanning leather. 

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