Working with silica and silica containing products guidance material

On 22 March 2024, WHS ministers agreed to Safe Work Australia’s recommendations relating to the ban on the use of engineered stone under the model WHS laws. Read the Ban on the use of engineered stone webpage for more.

Transitional Arrangements

The ban is set to come into effect on 1 July 2024 in most jurisdictions. Jurisdictions will need to implement amendments to their own WHS laws to give effect to the ban on the use of engineered stone. For questions about transitional arrangements and the implementation of the amendments in your jurisdiction, please contact your WHS regulator.


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Be Silica Smart

Silica dust (also known as respirable crystalline silica, or RCS) is work health and safety hazard.

Find information on silica in your state and territory to help you manage this work health and safety hazard.

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This guide explains what you must do to keep your workers safe from the risks of respirable crystalline silica (RCS or silica dust).

You should use this guide if you are a person conducting a business or undertaking (PCBU) who has workers (including yourself) that work with silica or silica containing products, except if you are working with engineered stone.

This guide will help you as a PCBU to understand the risks from silica dust and make decisions about protecting your workers from exposure to silica dust when working with products other than engineered stone.

This Guide includes references to the legal requirements under the WHS Act and WHS Regulations.

Silica containing products covered in this guide include:

  • natural stone products such as marble or granite benchtops
  • asphalt
  • cement, mortar and grout
  • concrete, concrete blocks and fibre cement products
  • bricks, and
  • pavers and tiles including roof tiles.

Detailed information on eliminating and minimising the risks of silica dust exposure from the processing of engineered stone can be found in the model Code of Practice: Managing the risks of respirable crystalline silica from engineered stone in the workplace.

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