How personal protective equipment helps to manage risks

PPE can be uncomfortable and could cause health and safety risks if it isn’t used correctly. 

Problems when using PPE 

Not wearing or using PPE properly can have serious consequences.  

A worker who is not wearing the right PPE, or who isn’t using it properly, could: 

  • be exposed to risks to their health and safety 

  • have restricted vision or mobility, affecting how well they do their job 

  • overheat, if the PPE is stopping their sweat from evaporating, or 

  • have an allergic reaction to the materials in the PPE. 

As the PCBU, you must check and fix any problems a worker is having with their PPE. 

Maintaining PPE 

You must make sure PPE remains in good working order and instruct your workers on how to do this. 

PPE must be: 

  • clean and hygienic 

  • stored correctly, and 

  • repaired or replaced if not functioning properly. 

You can find information about how to maintain and store the PPE you choose from the manufacturer.