When to use risk management

Managing WHS risks is ongoing. You should work through the risk management steps when: 

  • starting a new business 

  • expanding or purchasing an existing business 

  • designing products, processes, or places for work 

  • changing your work practices, procedures, or environment 

  • changing your organisational structure or job roles 

  • introducing new or returning workers to the workplace 

  • purchasing new or used equipment 

  • using new substances 

  • working with a new supplier 

  • working with a new commissioner of your services 

  • planning to improve productivity or reduce costs 

  • new information about workplace risks becomes available 

  • responding to workplace incidents (even if they have caused no injury) 

  • responding to concerns raised by workers, health and safety representatives or others at the workplace 

  • required by the WHS regulations for specific hazards.