Managing risks

You and your boss both have responsibilities to keep you safe at work. Your boss must also give you proper training and equipment to reduce risk that you will get hurt. 

High risks at work 

Some things could hurt you at work, like: 

  • using equipment when no one has taught you how to use it properly 

  • not wearing the right safety equipment or not wearing it properly 

  • hurrying and taking short cuts 

  • doing things that take your mind off the job while you are working, like using a mobile phone 

If you are asked to do something that you think is unsafe and may injure you, you should stop e work immediately and talk to your boss or another person in charge.  

Safety equipment 

Work safety equipment is also called personal protective equipment. 

This could be a hard hat, goggles or safety eye glasses, gloves, boots, aprons or earmuffs. You might need to wear this equipment in your job to keep you safe. Make sure you wear it correctly. 

It needs to: 

  • be in excellent condition 

  • fit you comfortably 

If you think you need something extra, talk to your boss first.  

You could also talk to a more experienced worker or the health and safety representative if there is one at your workplace. 

If you get hurt at work 

If you get hurt, don’t be afraid that you will get into trouble. Even if you have made a mistake, you should report the injury and ask for help.