Accommodation workplaces include areas where workers interact directly with patrons. For example: 

  • service desks 

  • concierge counters 

  • lobbies 

  • offices 

  • hotel rooms. 

Vulnerable workers in accommodation  

Accommodation services often employ vulnerable workers, including:  

  • young workers 

  • part-time and casual workers  

  • culturally and linguistically diverse workers. 

Vulnerable workers may: 

  • be more at risk of work health and safety (WHS) injuries 

  • be less aware of what WHS laws are and how they apply. 

Young workers may be: 

  • developing their skills 

  • unfamiliar with workplace behaviours 

  • reluctant to make requests, ask questions or speak out about problems 

  • overly keen to please and make a good impression 

  • over-confident in their capabilities