Monitor and review

You must review your WHS control measures:

  • if health monitoring or air monitoring suggests your current controls are not adequate
  • before making a change at your workplace that is likely to create or increase a risk, for example if you start using a new material
  • if a new hazard or risk is identified, including other respirable dust hazards
  • if consultation with your workers suggests that a review is necessary
  • if a health and safety representative requests a review

You may find it useful to:

  • create a WHS risk register listing risks from most urgent to least urgent so you have a record of all the control measures in place
  • create a schedule and set timelines for when you review your management of WHS risks
  • keep records of any WHS incidents – including meeting minutes, file notes, and incident reports so you can review and modify how you manage that risk.

After you review your control measures, if you have identified a new or changed hazard or risk that needs to be addressed, you should:

  • go back through the risk assessment steps (identify and assess hazards, eliminate and control risks and monitor and review controls)
  • consult with your workers
  • create new control measures to address the new or changed hazard or risk that you’ve identified.

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