Don't ignore an exclusion zone

Josh, a civil plant operator, takes a break from his duties to talk about the importance of paying close attention to exclusion zones while working on a construction site. 

About this seminar 

Practicing safe work methods is essential when working in a high-risk industry like construction. This video highlights the need for exclusion zones to ensure the safety of everyone working on-site. 

Exclusion zones are not always identical in appearance – they can be a nightline reflective flag, solid fencing or a barrier. However, in each instance they have a highly functional purpose. This includes, but is not limited to, allowing a high-risk activity to proceed, or to act as a barrier around a trench of 1.5 metres or deeper. 

Josh also shares his commitment to working safely in order to maintain his happy life at home. 

Who is this seminar for? 

This video is for all workers, contractors, supervisors and business owners working in the construction industry. It may also be useful for visitors to a construction site. 

About the presenters 

Josh works as a civil plant operator in the construction industry. 

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