Health monitoring for uranium


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This guide helps doctors monitor the health of workers to uranium.  

Uranium (CAS 7440-61-1) is a common radioactive element. We find it in very small amounts in nature, in mineral form. Rocks, soil, surface and groundwater all contain uranium. 

Uranium is used in nuclear power plants. Depleted uranium is made by removing the enriched fraction. 

Depleted uranium is used for: 

  • counterweights or ballast in aircraft 

  • radiation shields in medical equipment 

  • containers to transport radioactive material 

  • munitions to penetrate armour plate and strengthen military vehicles like tanks 

  • nuclear weapons 

  • photography toning 

  • stains and dyes in leather, silk and wood 

  • fertilizer production. 

Exposure to uranium can also happen in mining, milling and processing. 

This guide is part of a health monitoring guide collection. 

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