Health monitoring for styrene


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This guide helps doctors monitor the health of workers exposed to styrene.  

Styrene (CAS 100-42-5) is a monocyclic aromatic hydrocarbon. Styrene is a colourless, oily liquid with a sweet smell. The odour threshold for styrene is less than 1 part per million. 

The main uses of styrene include making: 

  • Polystyrene plastics 

  • resins 

  • paints and sealers 

  • other surface coatings. 

We use styrene products to make pipes, car parts, food containers and carpet backing. 

Examples of work involving styrene include: 

  • fibreglass processes 

  • making reinforced plastics 

  • adding it to construction material. 

This guide is part of a health monitoring guide collection. 

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