Health monitoring for cyclophosphamide


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This guide helps doctors monitor the health of workers exposed to cyclophosphamide.  

Cyclophosphamide (CAS 50-18-0) is: 

  • an anti-cancer drug used in chemotherapy and as an immunosuppressant 

  • a man-made, alkylating agent derived from mustard gas 

  • a fine white or off-white crystal like powder that dissolves in water and ethanol. 

Exposure to cyclophosphamide can occur when: 

  • packaging, mixing, handling or giving the drug 

  • cleaning up and disposing of chemotherapy drug waste 

  • helping patients 

  • handling or cleaning linen. 

Workers at risk of exposure include: 

  • pharmacists 

  • medical practitioners 

  • nurses 

  • cleaners 

  • veterinarians 

  • veterinary nurses 

  • animal handlers. 

This guide is part of a health monitoring guide collection. 

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