Safe Work Australia is currently examining the development of guidance and the feasibility of a model code of practice on controlling the risks of vibration at work. The report Implementation and Effectiveness of the European Directive Relating to Vibration in the workplace examines the requirements and effectiveness of the European Machinery Directive (2006/42/EC) and the Directive on Vibration (2002/44/EC) as implemented in the United Kingdom. It considers whether adoption of similar regulatory framework could be appropriate for Australia. It also provides a summary of the evidence for the health effects resulting from exposure to vibration and the  identified gaps in vibration health effects knowledge.

This report was commissioned from the UNSW, Canberra/ Foster OHS to address a recommendation made in  the 2010 Safe Work Australia publication National Hazard Exposure Worker Surveillance: Vibration exposure and the provision of vibration control measures in Australian Workplace which recommended the European Union directives related to vibration be investigated when considering future work health and safety regulatory policy development for vibration. 

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